Conservation of Energy

Aug 8, 2019 by Can Olcer

We recently released our second simulation called Conservation of Energy.

The goal of this sim is to help teachers better explain the concept of, you guessed it, conservation of energy. One of the fundamental laws of physics and chemistry is that in an isolated system, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It merely can be transformed from one kind of energy to another. In high school physics, we often look at (gravitational) potential energy and kinetic energy.

In short, potential energy is related to the height of a body (e.g. from the ground), and kinetic energy to its velocity.

A popular example to teach conservation of energy is the roller coaster. So, we decided to create a roller coaster simulation. Here’s a short video:

It’s pretty straight-forward: students build a roller coaster and run it. As with all our simulations, the data is automatically charted after each run and provides a great basis for discussion in the classroom. Brave students can even jump on the roller coaster and ride it themselves :-)

All in all, Conservation of Energy provides an engaging and hands-on way of teaching and learning this important concept of physics.

If you don’t have our Oculus Go app yet, make sure to request a key to download it from the official Oculus store or directly install it from SideQuest.