Estimation: Over 1M Oculus Go units sold

Sep 23, 2018 by Can Olcer

Although Oculus doesn’t release official sales numbers, there are some ways to make educates guesses. Every Oculus Go user needs to download the Oculus companion app for iPhone or Android to set up their device. While the Apple App store doesn’t show download numbers, looking at the Android Play store shows that over 500,000 users downloaded the Oculus companion app:

Oculus app screenshot

Assuming that mostly people that have bought an Oculus Go download the app, and that there are as many iPhone users who get Oculus Go devices as Android, we can estimate that Oculus sold more than 1 million headsets as of today.

That’s pretty impressive, considering that the Go launched on May 1, 2018, and according to this user on the Oculus forums had 100,000 downloads by May 31, 2018.

To put this number into perspective, according to SuperData Research, Oculus had sold around 240,000 of its more expensive, but tethered Rift device by the end of 2016:

Oculus app screenshot

I’m not surprised that the Oculus Go sells so well. Every person I’ve shown it to is impressed and tells me it feels like magic. It’s the first major standalone headset, and it’s almost as easy to use as a smartphone. Many people that have checked out VR devices a couple of years back have the impression that there’s a huge barrier, because you have to have a PC and plug your Oculus Rift or HTC Vive in. But those days are gone.

Sure, some hardliners will tell you that you can’t achieve the same performance or quality of graphics with a standalone headset. The truth is, the mainstream values convenience about almost everything, and that’s why I belive the Oculus go marks the start of VR going mainstream. In a couple of months, Oculus is doubling down on standalone VR and releasing the Santa Cruz. Check out a preview here.