Snap Blocks v3 update

May 27, 2020 by Can Olcer

Today we released Snap Blocks v3.

This is still an alpha version, and you can get it for free on SideQuest or Itch. This is a rather big release with 4 new features and two improvements.

Here’s the full change log:

  • Added tutorial
  • Added re-coloring of snapped Blocks
  • Added deleting of snapped Blocks
  • Added dual-wielding (you can build with both controllers now)
  • Improved performance
  • Improved controller visuals

The tutorial is only shown the first time to you open Snap Blocks, and helps new players get to known the controls and features in an interactive way. We’re quite happy how it turned out with the popping tooltip bubble, and it’s fun to go through.

The performance improvement is also important. Before v3, the GPU started to struggle after 1k Blocks or so. We’re using Godot’s MultiMesh to efficiently render all Blocks, so we were surprised why this was happening. It turns out that MultiMesh doesn’t have OpenGL ES 2.0 hardware support. We switched to OpenGL ES 3.0, which solved the problem. Generally, OpenGL ES 2.0 has a lower default performance footprint and therefore it made sense using it initially. However, now, we need to be able to use MultiMesh in order to draw thousands of Blocks at a time, so we’re better off with 3.0.