Snap Blocks v4 update

Jun 12, 2020 by Can Olcer

Today, we released Snap Blocks v4.

This is still an alpha version, and you can get it for free on SideQuest or Itch.

Here’s the full change log:

  • Added a Gallery where you can load one of 4 premade Creations
  • Removed the floor - You now build in a zero-g environment
  • Loose Blocks disappear in an explosion when you let them go
  • Added an animation to the mini Blocks and Polyhedrons on the controllers when changing color
  • Extended tutorial to include the new Gallery feature

Snap Blocks is about making it simple for everyone to get creative. You don’t need to be Picasso! Therefore, we’re now focused on building features that make it easier and less intimidating to get started with Snap Blocks.

The Gallery is a good example. It includes premade Creations that we’ve built, such as a tree or a spider. You can load these Creations and look at them for inspiration. You can even continue working on them, changing colors or adding new Blocks and saving them to your own files.

We removed the floor because we felt like it limited users in their creativity. Initially, we thought that we’d offer different colors and types of floors, but then we asked ourselves: Why do we need a floor at all? If someone wants a floor, they can build it themselves.

Have fun with Snap Blocks v4!