Snap Blocks v5 update

Jul 4, 2020 by Can Olcer

Today, we released Snap Blocks v5.

This is still an alpha version, and you can get it for free on SideQuest or Itch.

In this update we didn’t add any features, but fixed some bugs and did some important under-the-hood work.

Here’s the full change log:

  • Added a new Creation to the Gallery: House
  • Adding Blocks in Creations with large number of Blocks (> 4k) now is faster and smoother
  • Loading large Creations is now faster and doesn’t freeze the frame
  • Deleting Blocks in large Creations is now faster (it used to take a second or so to delete)
  • Improved some of the code logic for instancing Blocks
  • Fixed a bug that let you snap Blocks into each other, causing flickering

As you can see, almost all bugs and code changes relate to larger Creations. In the previous versions, you started running into those issues after around 4k Blocks. The code logic changes are part of our efforts to allow for much bigger Creations while still preserving performance. Eventually, you should be able to build huge worlds with millions of Blocks. Let’s see if the Quest hardware let’s us do this :-)

Have fun with Snap Blocks v5!