Kosmos School creates educational simulations in VR for your classroom.

We're starting with interactive physics simulations for middle and high school. In our gravity simulation, for example, students can modify gravity and vaccuum.

Watch our demo video:
We're building fun, hands-on, and memorable learning experiences for the Oculus Go that you can use in your classroom.

Try it Out

Kosmos School will be available for the Oculus Go soon. We're currently in our alpha phase and invite users to try it out and give us feedback.
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About us

We're Dorena and Can, the co-founders of Kosmos School. We believe that VR is the next major computing platform, and we started this company with the goal to create the best educational experiences for VR.
We're pretty sure that we can use VR to make education more effective and fun, and solve some of education's main problems such as cost and accessibility.