Teach science better.

Kosmos School offers a growing library of engaging science simulations. Our simulations are NGSS aligned, and work great for teachers and students, either in the classroom or at home.

Here's how it looks:
Kosmos School's simulations are a great learning resource, because they are interactive, engaging and effective (especially for understanding abstract concepts).

How it works

  • Choose from a library of simulations to complement your teaching
  • Automatically generates data and charts for analysis
  • NGSS aligned, perfect for your classroom or at home

Download for the Oculus Go

You can download the app from the Oculus Go store, but for now you need an Oculus Key. Just enter your email below and we'll send you a key.
Why do you need a key? Oculus has a very strict store policy, and if they think an app is too niche they don't list it publicly on the store. This stinks, but we're sure that in the near future we'll convince them to list us (and many more cool apps) publicly. Stay tuned.

About us

We're Dorena and Can, the co-founders of Kosmos School. We believe that VR is the next major computing platform, and we started this company with the goal to create the best educational experiences for VR.
We're pretty sure that we can use VR to make education more effective and fun, and solve some of education's main problems such as cost and accessibility.