Teach science better

Kosmos School offers a growing library of engaging science simulations. Our simulations are NGSS aligned, and work great for teachers and students, either in the classroom or at home.

Here's how it looks:
Kosmos School's simulations are a great learning resource, because they are interactive, engaging and effective (especially for understanding abstract concepts).

How it works

  • Choose from a library of simulations to complement your teaching
  • Automatically generates data and charts for analysis
  • NGSS aligned, perfect for your classroom or at home

Download for Oculus Quest

Kosmos School is available for the Oculus Quest on SideQuest.

About us

Hi 👋 We're Dorena and Can, the founders of Kosmos School. We are a tiny startup (just us two) but our vision is to build a K-12 school that exists only in VR. It might sound crazy, but it's possible. VR is still in the early days, but we think it's important to create great educational experiences to make show that VR has an important role to play in education, and to make more people use it in this space. See, technological change doesn't just happen. It only happens if enough caring people work hard on making it happen.