#5 Jan Rihak (Classtime) - How can tech help to improve relationships in the classroom?
May 6, 2019

In this conversation with Jan Rihak, we talk about engagement in the classroom and how technlogy can help teachers supercharge their relationship with their students. Also, we discuss why bottom-up sales strategies in EdTech make life easier for entrepreneurs and startups.

#4 Esteban Sosnik (Reach Capital) - Why is it hard to make educational games?
Apr 5, 2019

I met with Esteban Sosnik of Reach Capital in his San Francisco office. We talked about his background in making games and why it is exteremly difficult to make successful educational games. Also, we touched on the future of the educational technology market and why Esteban believes that it will become more attractive for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

#3 Manish and Ketan Kothari (Edmodo) - Does technology make us more creative?
Feb 27, 2019

I talked to Manish and Ketan Kothari of Edmodo in San Mateo, California about taking their first EdTech company AlphaSmart public, about the importance of teachers, and about the question if technology makes people more or less creative.

#2 Nicolas Egger (Poinz) on teaching discipline and long-term thinking
Feb 18, 2019

In this episode, I met with Nicolas Egger from Poinz in beautiful Zurich, Switzerland. Among other topics, we talked about vocational education, alternative schools (such as Montessori schools) and the importance of long-term thinking.

#1 David Kofoed Wind (Peergrade) on the importance of collaboration in education
Jan 6, 2019

I sat down with David from Peergrade to discuss the importance of collaboration in education. Our conversation ranged from bad timings at Y Combinator, comparing the evolution of communication to speech recognition technology, the silliness of telepresence robots, and why education hasn’t changed muched in over 1,000 years. Also, I convince David to get an Oculus Go for his birthday.