Snap Blocks v5 update
Jul 4, 2020 by Can Olcer

Today, we released Snap Blocks v5.

Snap Blocks v4 update
Jun 12, 2020 by Can Olcer

Today, we released Snap Blocks v4.

Snap Blocks v3 update
May 27, 2020 by Can Olcer

Today we released Snap Blocks v3.

Magnetic Fields
Nov 13, 2019 by Can Olcer

Today, we released our third and most (mathematically) sophisticated simulation yet, Magnetic Fields.

Conservation of Energy
Aug 8, 2019 by Can Olcer

We recently released our second simulation called Conservation of Energy.

Science Simulations
Jun 24, 2019 by Can Olcer

Our vision is to provide affordable, high-quality elementary and secondary education for everyone. For the past 8 months, we thought the best way to start is to offer live science classes in virtual reality. We’ve learned a lot and are now changing our first step a bit.

Teenagers think school is boring
Mar 4, 2019 by Can Olcer

In our quest to create the best school, we’re trying to understand better how teenagers think about school in general and how we can improve it for them.

The Kosmos School Plan
Feb 28, 2019 by Can Olcer

This morning, I sent out the following email to the Kosmos School team and investors. It’s important that everyone understands Kosmos School’s plan and therefore I decided to also share it here.

Dear team and investors,

A Grant from Emergent Ventures
Dec 12, 2018 by Can Olcer
We are honored to have been awarded a $25,000 cash grant by Tyler Cowen and George Mason University’s Mercatus Center. Their fellowship and grant program is called Emergent Ventures. From their website: “Launched with $1 million grant from the Thiel Foundation, the mission is to jumpstart high-risk, high-reward ideas that advance prosperity, opportunity, and wellbeing. The fellowship provides participants with the short-term resources and support to quickly develop and test their ideas.
Review: Mission:ISS for Oculus Go
Nov 21, 2018 by Can Olcer
The International Space Station is a modern marvel, so no surprise that there are a lot of movies and games around it. Mission:ISS for the Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR must be one of the coolest experiences. tl;dr Mission:ISS is one of my favorite educational experiences on the Oculus Go so far. Not only do you learn a bunch about how the ISS works, but you get to complete missions such as going on an actual spacewalk!
Parents and VR: Most parents are not concerned about adverse health effects
Nov 8, 2018 by Can Olcer
The adoption of VR is growing thanks to devices like the Oculus Go, and naturally more and more kids start using VR, too. While VR can provide unparalleled experiences to kids, many parents remain aware about potential adverse effects it can have on their children. As a company that provides educational experiences, we take our responsibility seriously to make sure kids using Kosmos are safe. Last week, we ran a survey to find out more about how parents think about using virtual reality with their kids.
Review: International Space Station Tour VR
Oct 26, 2018 by Can Olcer
The International Space Station is orbiting the Earth about 400km above our heads in space and is doubtlessly one of the modern wonders of science. Experiencing the real ISS is a privilege for a handful of people, but thanks to VR we can get pretty close to the real thing. tl;dr International Space Station Tour VR is a solid title with a lot of content. It let’s user roam around the ISS and has a real astronaut explain them what is what.
Review: Breaking Boundaries in Science
Oct 24, 2018 by Can Olcer
In the recently released education VR experience, Breaking Boundaries in Science, users explore the work environments of three amazing female scientists: Marie Curie, Jane Goodall and Grace Hopper. tl;dr While I liked the experience, I didn’t love it. The content is interesting, but pretty flat and doesn’t provide a long educational experience. The whole thing feels rushed and unpassionate. However, it’s free and I recommend trying it out, especially if you have no prior knowledge of the fantastic lifes of this three scientists.
Estimation: Over 1M Oculus Go units sold
Sep 23, 2018 by Can Olcer
Although Oculus doesn’t release official sales numbers, there are some ways to make educates guesses. Every Oculus Go user needs to download the Oculus companion app for iPhone or Android to set up their device. While the Apple App store doesn’t show download numbers, looking at the Android Play store shows that over 500,000 users downloaded the Oculus companion app: Assuming that mostly people that have bought an Oculus Go download the app, and that there are as many iPhone users who get Oculus Go devices as Android, we can estimate that Oculus sold more than 1 million headsets as of today.
A K-12 school in virtual reality
Sep 20, 2018 by Can Olcer
At Kosmos, we’re building a K-12 school that exists only in virtual reality. In this post, I want to clarify what we mean by that and explain why this is important. What do we mean by that? We mean exactly what we say: Kosmos School has no physical buildings or constraints. It only exists in the virtual reality. Kosmos is a project-based school, and for every project teachers and students meet in real-time in a different world or environment to continue working on that project.