We’re a tiny company based in sunny California building a K-12 school in virtual reality (VR). VR is the next computing platform (after desktops and smartphones) in the near future, people will spend most of their time for work, play and education in VR. It will have a disproportionally positive effect on a few industries, including education. Because VR feels like you’re really there, it’s the first technology that allows to build schools that don’t have a physical location but exist only in VR, while having a better quality of education with a fraction of the costs.

Kosmos School offers classes where a small number of students learn together with a teacher in a very hands-on manner about important topics such as rockets, the environment, botany and more. The classes focus not only on hard skills (like math and physics), but also super important soft skills like critical thinking, creativity and collaboration. Students don’t sit in a virtual classroom. Instead, every class takes place in different fantastic environments like islands, forests or foreign planets and students work on relevant problems, acquiring skills that they will help them have a head start in their careers and life.

Also, we consider the Kosmos School community our secret weapon. Check it out.

We’re a small but fun team: The lady sporting the trendy denim jacket is called Merilee and she makes sure our virtual worlds behave the way the should. The gentleman with the beard is called Can, and like Merilee, he’s a software engineer. Finally, Ms. Ripped Jeans is our 3D artist and creates the magical worlds where kids learn and have fun. She’s called Dorena.

You can reach us at hello@kosmosschool.com or reach people directly with [firstname]@kosmosschool.com